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About the Services

As creatives, we sometimes struggle with the more mundane tasks of owning and operating a business. It is, after all, so much more fun to focus on the creating of our content rather than the curating of it. But to truly succeed in business, we have to put aside the creative chaos and learn to embrace the more grounded energies that it takes to run and operate a business. I offer a wide array of services dedicated to keeping you motivated and inspired to work your business without losing your magic. Whether you need editorial services like editing, formatting or ghostwriting or you simply need help with time management and organizing your routines, my creative consulting offers it all.

Looking for something much more in-depth and catered specifically to your business? Try my Clear Quartz Coaching packages. These coaching packages are designed to help you with every aspect of your business. And it’s so much more than just public relations plans, time management, marketing and social media strategies! My coaching style blends psychospiritual practices like journaling and tarot along with my professional background in public relations and communications to deliver magical results designed to keep you inspired and motivated.

What exactly do I mean when I talk about tarot and other psychospiritual practices? Check out the FAQ to learn more!

You do not need anyone’s permission to live a creative life.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

About Alice


I am a Puerto Rican writer, artist and creative consultant. 

I have a B.A. in Public Relations and Communication from the University of Texas at Arlington and have owned several successful businesses. Most, I willingly walked away from due to life (mostly due to moving because of my husband’s career in the military).

The one constant business venture I have always maintained in some shape or form has been creatively consulting others to be inspired and motivated to work their own magic. I have worked with entrepreneurs and small businesses as well as fellow creatives and mothers.

Another constant has been my on-going personal creative journey. While I love and engage with many forms of creativity, my first love has always been writing. Whether I am journaling, blogging or working on a fictional story, writing is always a part of my daily life.

I am also a tarot reader, with years of professional experience. I enjoy helping other mothers, creatives and entrepreneurs discover their passions and unlock their creative potential. I want you to live and create as magically as possible.

More recently, my creative pursuits have expanded into digital art and painting. I love exploring texture and color while also exploring self-expression. Most of my work skews abstract, though some of my other pieces have a fun, kitschy feel to them.

An Army-brat turned military spouse, I have lived a highly nomadic lifestyle. Since 2010, I have moved seven times! As a milspouse and a mother of two, I often find myself struggling with the notion of losing herself to motherhood -- pursuing my creative passions and helping others allows me to stay sane between moves and tempter tantrums.

When not writing or painting, I enjoy knitting, video games and reading. My favorite genres to read are young adult and fantasy, but I also enjoys art books and self-help books, too. My current favorite video game is "Fantasy Life" on Nintendo 3DS, Zelda Breath of the Wild for Switch and Dragon Age Inquisition for PS4. As for knitting, you can keep up with what's on my needles via Ravelry

I currently live on the West Coast with my husband, our two children (ages 7 and 4) and our two pets (dog and cat). 

You can connect with me on Twitter or Instagram or contact me via email. 

About the Blog

Creativity takes courage.

It may seem silly, but it’s a quote I turn back to often in my creative journey. Creativity isn’t about perfection — something my sun in Capricorn loves to forget. My Pisces moon, however, has the belief that creativity works best when we allow it to roam without restrictions. Much like the fool in tarot, creativity takes us into the unknown — as long as we have the courage to follow it. I invite you to follow along with me as I continuously discover and rediscover my creative self while working to inspire and motivate others to work their own creative magic, too.

My blog covers many topics and is first and foremost a way for me to express myself. I talk about everything from motherhood to business to witchcraft and tarot to how I’m doing in my creative journey.

This blog is right up your alley if:

    •    You feel uninspired with your daily routine.
    •    You want to nurture your creativity.
    •    You are ready to reconnect yourself.
    •    You are unsure of how to manifest your dreams into a reality.
    •    You are into tarot, new age spirituality and witchcraft.
    •    You are seeking unconventional methods to be more spiritual without compromising your modern day lifestyle.
   •    You want to connect with other creatives and like-minded individuals.