About Alice

You do not need anyone’s permission to live a creative life.
— Elizabeth Gilbert

I am a Puerto Rican artist, writer and creative. As a mother of two and a military spouse, I have often found myself struggling with the notion of losing myself to motherhood and the military -- making space for creativity helps me to stay sane between moves and tempter tantrums.

When not pursuing creative passions, I freelance as a creative consultant and virtual assistant. I have a B.A. in Public Relations and Communication from the University of Texas at Arlington and offer branding, public relations/marketing and editorial services for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

I am also a tarot reader, with nearly a decade of professional experience. I enjoy helping other mothers, creatives and entrepreneurs discover their passions and unlock their creative potential.

You can connect with me on Twitter or Instagram or contact me via email

Energy without focus is chaos.
— Neyo

About the Patreon

First of all, what exactly is Patreon? Patreon is a website that allows creatives like myself to pursue their passions while also receiving support. Supporters (called patrons) subscribe and pay a monthly fee (for mine, it is either $1/month or $3/month) and gain access to perks set by the creator.

For me, Patreon allows me to receive a small allowance each month that I can use towards offsetting the cost of this website and art supplies. It also helps me save money to put toward editors and cover artists for when my novel is completed. More importantly, Patreon helps me prioritize myself. It gives me something that is wholly my own to work towards each week, ensuring that in between PTA meetings, my kid’s extra curricular activities and taking care of the house, I am making time for me.

My Patreon primarily focuses on art, writing and tarot reading. Each month I share early access to blog posts, access to art and art videos as well as weekly chapters of the book I am currently writing. As I mentioned, my Patreon has two monthly subscription tiers. Patrons can choose to support me for as little as $1/month or for $3/month. Each tier comes with it’s own reward perks. You can get all the details about what I offer over on my Patreon page.

Creativity takes courage.