About Alice

Writer. Artist. Creative.

You do not need anyone’s permission to live a creative life.
— Elizabeth Gilbert
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Alice Janell is a Puerto Rican writer and artist. She is curently working on two different projects, the first a collection of personal essays and poems, while the other is a young adult novel.

Both projects are currently only available as exclusive early-access content via her Patreon page

Alice is also a tarot reader, with years of professional experience. She enjoys helping other mothers, creatives and entreprenuers discover their passions and unlock their creative potential. You can book a reading with Alice here. 

An Army-brat turned military spouse, Alice has lived a highly nomadic lifestyle. In the past five years she has moved a total of seven times! A mother of two, Alice struggles with notion of losing herself to motherhood -- pursuing her creative passions allows her to stay sane between moves and tempter tantrums.

When not writing or painting, Alice enjoys knitting, video games and reading. Her favorite genres to read are young adult and fantasy, but she also enjoys art books and self-help books, too. Her current favorite video game is "Fantasy Life" on Nintendo 3DS. As for her knitting, you can keep up with what's on her needles via Ravelry

Alice currently lives on the West Coast with her husband, two children and their two pets -- Sushi and Soba. 

You can connect with Alice on Twitter or Instagram or contact her via email.