Purples and pastels. Rainbows and fantasy. 

Alice really is in wonderland. 

Like the moon, I have many phases. Infinite and resplendent. 


Alice Janell is a creative strategist who specializes in public relations and online business management. With over 12 years of working in public relations & marketing, Alice has a passion for helping online business owners and entrepreneurs realize their business potential without breaking their budget. 

As an army brat turned military spouse, Alice is highly adaptable and has worked within a variety of industries including marketing, art, restaurant, beauty and spiritual. She has worked with copywriters, coaches and course creators and has assisted with everything from social media management to podcast editing. 

Alice also works as a
virtual assistant coach for military spouses wanting a career that actually works with the military lifestyle.

In her down time, Alice pursues creative outlets such as writing, painting and tarot reading. A previously published romance author, she is currently writing a fantasy novel involving forbidden magics, lost civilizations and a band of circus performers caught in the middle of a war between two ancient races. 

You can find and purchase original artwork via Etsy and book a tarot reading here. For those curious to follow her creative endeavors, sign up for her newsletter, "musings & magic". 



Alice currently resides on the west coast with her husband, two kids, a dog and a cat. 

For previous iterations of Alice, ask her about the time she went to clown school...

You can connect with Alice on Instagram or Twitter

For all business inquiries, please email.