Tarot + Pyschospirituality

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What is tarot?

The clinical answer: Tarot is a 78-card system broken into major and minor arcana. The minor arcana are broken down further into four suits (cups, wands, pentacles/coins and swords). Tarot is commonly used in fortune-telling and to gain insight and wisdom into various types of problems and situations.

My answer: Tarot is a tool used to unlock the subconscious by bringing thoughts and feelings into awareness by interpreting the symbols and meanings of the cards and their various combinations. It is a tool for empowerment, motivation, creativity, inspiration, wisdom and insight. It can be used to gain information on anything from relationship issues, spiritual guidance, business planning or anything else that might present a difficult decision or confusing situation. It can also be used predictively -- to get a general idea of what's to come.

How does tarot work?

A question is asked and focused on while the cards are being shuffled. Cards are pulled and interpreted according to each card's meaning and their relationship with any other cards pulled.

Yea, but how does it WORK?

Answers vary from reader to reader, but I believe answers and insight are achieved by a combination of communication with a higher power (God, spirit guides, etc), knowledge of each card's meaning, intuition and synchronicity.

The subconscious can be accessed through the symbols and meanings of each card and, together with intuition, can provide answers to questions and situation. It is my belief that you already know the answers you seek. Tarot is just a means for accessing this information and bringing forward into awareness.

That said, I also believe tarot can provide a general outlook on the future, too.

So can you predict the future?

Yes and no. I do not believe the future is set in stone -- our actions and reactions to people, problems and situations are constantly altering our future.

The best example I can give is this: Imagine you are in a canoe on a river. Looking ahead you can see a waterfall. Just because you know there is a waterfall does not mean you will go over it. You have options. You can choose to go over the waterfall or you can chose to steer your canoe into a side stream or you can lead you canoe to shore.

Using tarot, I can give a general prediction of what's to come, such as opportunities or obstacles you may face in regards to the people, problems or situations you ask about.

So while I may not be able to use tarot to predict winning lottery numbers, I can use tarot to show you how to improve your chances at success within a business venture or relationship.

Is tarot evil?

This is a question best answered by you and your personal belief system.

Obviously, as a tarot reader, I do not believe tarot is evil, nor do I believe it is an instrument of the devil or dark forces. As I said, I believe tarot is a tool used to gain insight and wisdom on a problem or situation. While I do believe tarot can be used to communicate with a higher power such as God, ancestors and spirit guides, I do not believe that makes it evil.

A tarot deck is simply a deck of cards and it is not inherently good or evil.

Fear of tarot, or thinking it is a tool of the devil, often comes from misrepresentation in the media as well as a misunderstanding of what tarot is and how it can be applied into our everyday lives.

If you find you are still on the fence, feel free to check out my Instagram stories, where I do free readings every Sunday evening and free one card draws every full and new moon.

What is psychospirituality?

Very simply, psychospirituality is an arena where psychology and spirituality overlap. You take spiritual practices and blend it with psychology to create experiences designed to help the mind on a mental and mystical level. Psychospirituality is all about taking your spirituality and faith and blending it with psychological practices, such as journaling, art therapy and meditation.

For me, personally, psychospirituality looks a lot like painting, tarot journaling, monthly tarot readings and practicing witchcraft (especially in the form of crystals and visualization practices), especially during periods of depression and anxiety.

What do you mean by witchcraft?

Leave your connotations about witches and witchcraft at the door, please. I ask you to enter this with an open mind. Witchcraft, in my experience, is a very religious and spiritual practice designed to connect me with a higher power.

For you, that might look like going to church every Sunday, reading the bible and offering prayers to God.

For me, it looks a lot like checking in with myself through meditation and journaling. It’s reading motivational and inspiring books (and yes, that can include the bible at times). It’s offering thanks to my ancestors and celebrating nature — sitting in the sun, walking along the beach, creating an altar with fresh flowers, marking the solstices and setting intentions with the phases of the moon.

Have a different question?

No problem. I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding tarot or my services. Feel free to contact me via email or reach out to me on Twitter.