Self Care Magic

 Self Care Importance

Let's talk self care and self care routines.

I know they're important. You know they're important. But are we actually incorporating them as much as we should? Probably not -- I know that despite my own best efforts, there are definitely weeks I completely by ignore all forms of self care. 

And you know what? The next week usually starts out stressful, or, if it doesn't, then I am more prone to getting stressed than usual. I'm more likely to yell at my kids for whatever reason and I'm more likely to get into a negative, frustrated mindset. 

So yea, self care routines are important and I feel as though it's something we need a constant reminder of. 

Self Care Magic

Usually, I try to devote Sunday evening to my self care, but I have other self care routines I incorporate at different times, too.

My big self care routine happens Sunday evening. This includes a bubble bath or bath bomb, a mud mask (I really like Shea Moisture's Youth-Infusing Mud Mask) and my current audiobook. Maybe a couple of candles or a glass of wine. Typically, this one doesn't begin until after I've put the kids down for the night -- I do not like to be interrupted during this one. 

And if I can't do the whole bath, book and beverage, I just do the mud mask. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and washing it off feels like I'm washing off the grime and stress of the week. Plus, I have a horrible daily skin care routine (I totally fall asleep with makeup on pretty regularly), so at least I'm doing something nice for my skin.

You can also add a bit of magic to this type of routine by adding some rose quartz in or around your bath (or whatever your crystals of preference are) or diffusing some of your favorite essential oil scents (I like lavender for relaxing). If you're not into audiobooks, maybe some relaxing music. I've also been known to sit the laptop on the toilet and an watch some Netflix... (hey, you do what you wanna do this is YOUR self care routine).

In addition to my #selfcaresunday routine, I have a couple of mini daily routines, too. It's no big deal if I skip these one or two days, but I find my days run much smoother if I can incorporate my mini daily rituals. 

First of all, I pull a tarot card of the day. 

I realize a lot of us who are into tarot probably do this and I'd love to hear how you keep yourself accountable to do this every day. 

For me, I tend to wake up before the rest of the house (I'm not really a morning person, but out of necessity and the desire to enjoy my coffee in peace means I'm up around 5am). I grab my deck and shuffle my cards right there at the kitchen counter while I wait for my coffee to brew. And though I'm a huge fan of journaling, I prefer to document my card-of-the-day in a more visual aspect -- Instagram. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll notice my layout is more tarot and inspirational quotes lately. I’m experimenting with utilize my IG account as a sort of visual tarot journal. It's working really well for now, and I find that I thoroughly enjoy my quiet, morning ritual of coffee and taking a pretty IG pic. 

Currently my deck of choice for this is The Linestrider Tarot. If you're into tarot and like simplistic, minimalist designs that still pack a punch, I highly recommend this deck. The artwork is stunning -- complex, yet simple. Minimal, but still powerful. 

Lately, I've also found myself playing around with make up. I subscribe to Ipsy, which is a monthly service where I receive a cute little bag and some makeup samples. Nothing too fancy, because makeup artist I am not. I usually go for a little tinted moisturizer, some mascara and some lipstick. But, make up once helped me overcome postpartum depression, and I enjoy the creativity behind learning new techniques and trying new looks.

I'm probably still wearing yesterday's clothes, but at least my eyes look brighter and give me the illusion of being awake and functioning. Also, I'm of the mindset that very little can't be fixed with a fierce red lip. 

My other routine -- and the one I fail the most at -- is trying to do something creative every day. I'm a hugely creative person, and in a perfect world I can get my crafty on all the damn time, whenever I want. 

But I have kids, so this one tends to end up being more of a once-a-week or whenever-I-can-remember-and-have-the-energy-to-squeeze-it-in type routine. 

For me, it's usually knitting. I try to knit every evening, but most night's I'm just too tired. I try to knit anytime I sit to watch TV, but if the kids are crawling all over me, the project gets put to the side. 

That said, I keep at least two knitting projects going at all times. One is my "fancy" project. The big project with the interesting pattern. Currently that's a shawl I'm calling Space Princess. The other project is usually something mindless, like a dishcloth or lap blanket. 

But maybe knitting isn't your thing. Maybe your thing is pinning a bunch of crafts on Pinterest and forgetting about them. Whatever your thing is, the point is to make time (however small amount that time is) for the important things that you care about.

And yea, yea your kids are important. Your partner is important. Doing laundry and keeping mold from forming on the dishes in the sink is important...but dammit so are you.

You are important, too.

Do what works for you. 

This month's Ipsy haul.

Listen. I can tell you about my self care routine and maybe you want to try it and maybe it works just as well for you as it does for me. If that's the case, fantastic! If not, that's cool, too. 

Everyone's self care routine is going to look different. Some people may prefer an early mourning routine. Others a late night one. Maybe you can only sneak in your self care during your kid's afternoon nap. 

It doesn't matter how or when you do it, only that you actually do it. 

Do you have a self care routine? Let me know in the comments -- I love seeing what works for other people and how I can incorporate new techniques into my own routine.