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 My current work-in-progress is being released as a Patreon-exclusive. 

My current work-in-progress is being released as a Patreon-exclusive. 

Patreon + My Work

I feel as if a there is a chink in the wall that's kept my creativity stifled for so many years. Suddenly, there is color again. 

I've been painting, knitting, writing

And while I'm not writing the young adult fantasy I've been wanting right, I am writing. Currently, I am working on a collection of essays and poems -- in almost a memoir fashion -- about discovering and accepting myself as Latina.

It's terrifying to be so open and vulnerable, but it's so healing, too. My identity as a Latina is something I have struggled with my entire life. Expressing that hurt, anger, confusion through writing is allowing me to heal old wounds and accept myself as Latina.

I'm releasing it in chapters/segments monthly via my Patreon. 

When it's completed, I will edit and publish it and it will be available for purchase. Until then however, it is strictly exclusive to my Patreon patrons. They also get behind-the-scenes at other things I am working on, access to my artwork, free tarot readings and Patreon-only blog posts. 

You can support my work for as little as $1 month or for free simply by sharing my link or retweeting my tweets about my Patreon and my book, White Puppy: Latina Como Yo

If you followed my blog back in January, you may remember a piece I wrote called, "No Hablo Español" -- it was a poem, and one that I meant to eventually record as a spoken word piece. That will be part of this collection, and when I release it again to Patreon, I'll include the spoken word version, too. 

Why Patreon?

Quite simply, my creative time is valuable.

As a wife and mother, I don't often have a lot of free time to pursue my creative endeavors. Even walking away from LuLaRoe, I still have a lot on my plate and the reality is that I can't just sit at my desk or at my easel and create day in and day out. 

I'm learning that while sharing their work for free works for some writers and artists, it does not work for me. I put a lot of hard work, dedication and time into my work, just as any writer/artist does.  My time, my work, my art -- it's all valuable and so I felt Patreon was a perfect fit for me. It allows me to be able to release my work while being supported financially. 

What I make through Patreon allows me to pay for art supplies and maintain website costs. It will also help me hire cover artists and editors when my books are ready for publication. 

White Puppy: Latina Como Yo

Here's a small snippet of my current work-in-progress. You can read more and stay up-to-date with exclusive looks every month by supporting me on Patreon.

My family taught me to be proud of my heritage. To display the flag as much as possible. To not call myself Hispanic or Latina, but Puertorriqueña or Boricua.

But my family also taught me that I was a “white puppy” — their nickname for me born out of my Americanization and the fact that of all the members in my family, I have the lightest skin. So not only do I sound and act white, but I look white, too.

So am I even Latina?
— Alice Janell, "White Puppy: Latina Como Yo"

I sincerely hope you will consider supporting me and my work on Patreon. While there are many different tiers, you can support me for as little $1/month and still get access to Patreon-only blog posts. 

If it's not in the budget, I completely understand, and hope you'll support me in other (free) ways instead. Sharing my links is a huge way to support me that doesn't cost a penny.