Thoughts on the Empress

The other day, I pulled the Empress card from the Linestrider Tarot as my card of the day. 

In tarot, the Empress is all about creativity, productivity, abundance, fertility and motherhood (among other themes and keywords). 

That same day, I launched my Patreon account and wrote more than I have in years. And while what I was writing wasn't the epic fantasy or action-packed sci-fi-fi I have been itching to write for years, I was still writing. 

With that writing, the idea to put together a collection of personal essays and poems formed. Having just launched my Patreon, it felt like publishing that collection there month-by-month was just fantastic timing. 

By the afternoon, I was sitting at the park with my kids, reflecting on my new abundance of creativity and the empress. I was still itching to keep writing, so I brought a notebook and pen with me to the playground. I journaled my thoughts on the empress while the kids played.

the empress-3.png

She bares her breast, proud and unabashed 

- daring me to do the same.

In journaling, I learned to see the empress in a different light than I ever have before. I used to equate the empress with waiting. In most decks she's depicted as a pregnant woman. She is abundance and creativity, but she's also not ready to give birth to those ideas. 

In this deck, however, she bares herself to the world and I could no help but feel that this card was calling me out to do the same. 

I've been sitting on my creative abundance for years. I have been using excuse after excuse to keep it at bay. And certainly life has played a part in all of this, there still comes a moment when I cannot keep using the same excuses over and over. I have to stop waiting for the right time and take action.

Pregnant women are given a due date, but it's rare that they give birth on that due date. The baby comes when the baby comes. My daughter was born two weeks before my due son two months before his. 

I cannot keep waiting. I cannot keep sitting, pregnant with ideas. At some point, I have to say "fuck it", bare my breast and let creativity flow. 

Giving birth can be a long, arduous process. So can writing. But difficult as the process may be, it is still action being taken. 

No more waiting. Only writing. 

This is an abridged version of a longer blog that includes my written thoughts on the empress from my journal. To read the complete post, please head over to my Patreon page