The Magic of New Beginnings

Every end is a new beginning.

A splash of cold water

 I am the fool at the start of my journey.  

I am the fool at the start of my journey.  

There is a freshness to new beginnings that makes them so appealing. 

It's a spring breeze. It's your favorite scent. It's the sensation that shocks your system as you cannonball into a cold pool on a hot summer day.

This is my new beginning. 

After nearly a decade of hosting my site with Wordpress, I have migrated to Squarespace. There was no reason for it other than the fact I did not want to pay a monthly subscription for a landing page and Squarespace offers me that as part of their services. 

Moon Magic

With the full moon in Capricorn tonight and my own sun sign in Cap, I'm feeling that energy hard. It's ambitious energy -- the type that tells me I can get shit done and I can get it done my own way. It's like that mad rush from the muse when you start a new project and can't tear yourself away from it. 

I don't know how often I will blog here, but when I do, I hope to keep it about creativity, mental health, soulful and spiritual discoveries and motherhood. 

In the mean time, though, I will just sit back and enjoy that fresh breezy feeling of having creating something new (even if it was born of something old).

Are you feeling stuck and ready for a breath of fresh air in your life or creative endeavor? Book a reading, and let's splash some cold water on your situation.