September [Creative] Goals

A new month means new goals -- or at least an opportunity to improve on the goals I set last month. 

1. Daily Creative/Daily Inspiration

I had this goal last month. And while I did not do something creative everyday, I was still pretty damn creative. I'd like to continue this goal and work toward having even more creative moments in September.  To go along with the Daily Creative, I want to begin to build a practice of finding inspiration every day. Whether it means a quiet meditation at my desk, a walk down the block or listening to some new music, I want to spark my creativity every day. Lately this has looked like sitting at my desk with the windows open, drinking coffee and listening to electronica. 

2. Bite the Bullet

Last month I did a lot of exploration and experimentation with my creative works. This month I want to take the courage step of adding some of my work to my shop and make it available for purchase. I don't know *when* I'll list my art/creations in my shop, but you can rest assured I'll be blogging and tweeting about it when I do. Additionally, my Patreon supporters will likely get some discount codes. 

3. Go Tech Free

I noticed that the days I was most productive and creative last month where the days I happened to silence my phone and put all notifications on mute. This month I am giving myself permission to go tech free once a week. Whether it's during the weekday or on a weekend, I don't know. I'll likely experiment with different days to find one that really works for me. I have a feeling I'll struggle with this (I'm so addicted to Twitter!), so I think I'll probably start out with tech-free mornings, before making the leap to a full tech-free day.

4. Deep Soul Writing...with a twist

Last month I tried to engage in daily deep soul writing. While I loved the practice of keeping a handwritten journal, I grew frustrated with the notion of needing to write daily. I found that I didn't always need to write every day and if I tried for the sake of the experiment (which was to write daily for 30 days), I found my writing lifeless and dull. It was a good experiment, and I found that I did enjoy the practice, but that daily was a little too much for me. So rather than try to force myself to write every day, I'm simply going to keep my notebook in my nightstand and write when I need it. 



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