From the chaos comes hope

I had a blog post, and literally the exact moment I set my fingers to the keyboard to begin, I realized we are in Pisces.

Pisces, if you are unaware, is an artistic, creative sign. My moon just so happens to be in Pisces, so I tend to feel that energy quite strongly when it's in play (not just when the sun is in Pisces, but when the moon is, too). 

So it's funny to me that after months of hibernating, I'm coming out of my hole to start blogging again during Pisces season. 

And if I go further back, my last post here was in October, during Scorpio. Scorpio, which is my rising sign, is a sign that often reminds me of transformation. This is because Pluto is the ruling planet for Scorpio and it's a planet that rules transformation and regeneration. 

My last blog post here was about the Tower, and how I was putting certain things on hold to focus on the holidays, my family and my new job. In short, I was pausing other aspects of my life in order to transform and adapt to the changes in my life at the time.

So I find it rather fitting and very symmetrical, that I was in a period of intense transformation - things felt very chaotic and a bit out of control (like the Tower in the major arcana), and now I am calmer, lighter and feeling a little more creative -- I'm very much like the Star in the major arcana, calm and full of hope. 

Originally, btw, this post was going to be me delving into my thoughts on the Star and how I was feeling the whispers of creativity. When I realized the connection between Scorpio and Pisces, and the Tower vs the Star (which, in the major arcana, the star is the card that comes after the tower), this entire blog post just became something totally different.

So if I'm rambling a you know why.

I know it will still take me time to get back to where I was creatively, but for now I'm content to float in these Piscean waters and soak up the energy. I'm moving slowly, and I'm learning to be content with the slow pace, because the Capricorn in me (it's my sun sign) wants to push, push, push and create new content all the time because putting out new content constantly and consistently means I am working and I should be working because that's what Capricorns do, we work, work, work.

I'll get there eventually. I'll start producing content the way I was before, but for now this is going to be monthly. Anything extra will be directed at my Patreon, which is also in the midst of under going some changes.