The Magic of New Beginnings

Every end is a new beginning.

A splash of cold water

There is a freshness to new beginnings that makes them so appealing. 

It's a spring breeze. It's your favorite scent. It's the sensation that shocks your system as you cannonball into a cold pool on a hot summer day.

This is my newest new beginning. 

I’ve had new beginnings in the past. From Book Addicts (way back when) to Bamboo the Clown. From The Magical Mommy to this website. I’ve gone from using Wordpress to migrating to Squarespace. I’ve begun a career with LuLaRoe and transitioned it into a career at Target. And now, another beginning: a website where I can be unapologetically multi-passionate and offer tarot readings while also listing my art and books. Originally, I wanted to also add my public relations/marketing freelance services here, too. But after some debate, I felt it was a little too much, so those services have a home at Red Ink Magic.

I am the fool at the start of my journey, but the sun is in Aries, so I’m also feeling that Emperor energy.

I am the fool at the start of my journey, but the sun is in Aries, so I’m also feeling that Emperor energy.

The Fool, Aries & The Emperor

In tarot, The Fool is the beginning. The Fool symbolizes the start of our journey — our leap of faith that it’s all gonna work out.

Do I think that by offering tarot readings, lessons, artwork and books I will be an overnight success story? Of course not. While the Fool may also be synonymous with being gullible and naive, I know that taking a leap of faith is not enough.

There is hard work, determination and dedication that all must play there part as well.

So it’s a good thing that I’m relaunching this website and blog at the start of Aries season.

Aries is the first sign of zodiac, it feels nice to start this newest beginning with the beginning of the zodiac.

In tarot, Aries is associated with The Emperor. So while I’m taking a leap of faith by starting this new venture, I’m tapping into that #bossbabe mentality full force. I’m prepared to put in the work and create my unconventional empire that seeks to blend tarot and witchcraft with my creative side.

I’m not sure what this journey will be like, but I do know it will be a journey that tests me. I know that I will strive to blog weekly, and sometimes fail. I know I will be hard on myself for it even as I remind myself that I am working a full time job while I juggle being a wife and mother of two along with also pursuing my creative passions such as writing and painting and launching a secondary website for public relations and marketing freelance work.

But when has a goat ever feared climbing a mountain? (psst. Guess who has a sun in Capricorn and is a self proclaimed GOAT?

In the mean time, though, I will just sit back and enjoy that fresh breezy feeling of having creating something new (even if it was born of something old).

Are you feeling stuck and ready for a breath of fresh air in your life or creative endeavor? Check out my services and consider booking a tarot reading. Let's splash some cold water on your situation.