tarot readings

compassionate clarity + gentle guidance + a kick in the ass when needed

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60min Session: $75

(up to 5 questions)

1Question: $20

(delivered via email)

To book a 60min session, please email for availability.

To book a 1Question email reading, please email your question and you will be sent an invoice. Readings will be delivered with in 24hrs after invoice is paid. 

Interested in a free reading? Follow me on Instagram! I do free readings every month via IG stories. I also do free readings every month through my newsletter. You can sign up below.

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a weekly letter with a monthly tarot reading


abstract acrylic + digital collages

After the birth of my youngest in 2015, I discovered  a passion for painting. After dealing with postpartum depression for months, art brought me back. In 2021, I began to expand my knowledge of art into a digital medium by learning to create digital collages. 

To purchase artwork, please visit my Etsy shop. 



musings + poetry + books


Although my previous published work is no longer available, I am currently working on a fantasy novel involving forbidden magics, lost civilizations and a band of circus performers caught in the middle of a war between two ancient races. 

When completed, it will be serialized on Patreon where supporters can read a new chapter every week as well as get a free digital copy or a discounted copy of the printed version.

In the mean time, get my weekly musings delivered to your inbox. 

musings&magic logo.png

a weekly letter with a monthly tarot reading