You have a never-ending list of

need-to-dos and would-be-nice-ifs for your business...

...but it's OVERWHELMING AF.


  • You know you want to be posting consistently on all your socials, but creating content, writing captions and engaging with comments is too exhausting to even think about.

  • You know you need to get organized, but there are so many different systems and you're distracted by all the options.

  • You want a website, an email list, a system for sending out invoices, reminders for deadlines, help tracking business expenses, maybe some help keeping the blog up-to-date and, ooh! Some help reaching out to podcasts, publications and influencers would be so nice...

You know it's time to get help to build your business, but you're on a budget.

​Social media managers are popping up everywhere, but not many actually understand the strategies behind marketing and public relations campaigns.


A project manager would be so nice, but you’re not even sure what you need, much less who to hire.

High end web designers and brand strategists can cost thousands, but you just want help with refreshing your brand, minor site updates and maybe some blog help.


And just the idea of hiring a public relations specialist feels like a far-fetched fantasy.

You know to grow your business it's time to start outsourcing some tasks, but your budget is not ready for you to hire on a whole team.


What if... could hire one person to do it all for you?

  • An assistant to help send out invoices, manage your calendar and schedule meetings.

  • A social media manager with an understanding of analytics, social insights and marketing strategies.

  • A designer with experience building websites, designing logos and creating graphics.

  • A project manager who is organized, detail-oriented and familiar with a wide array of different systems.

  • A writer to help you find the words to speak to your audience.

  • A public relations specialist who can assist you with building brand awareness.

  • A creative with an eye for aesthetics, color and design.

  • A virtual fairy godmother to make magic in your business wherever you need it.


Hi. I'm Alice.

Unicorn. Fairy Godmother. Creative Capricorn.

Your new business BFF.

I am digital creative + public relations strategist with over a decade of working with creatives, small business and entrepreneurs. 


No matter what I'm doing for your business, you can bet there's an element of creativity involved. I'm not just thinking OUTSIDE the box, I'm making magic and getting shit done.


With an intimate understanding of marketing strategies, an eye for aesthetics and a passion for motivating others, I use creativity, business-know-how and tech savvy to deliver results that are simply magical, no matter who you are, what you're doing or what your budget is.

fantasy magical landscape rainbow on sky


Alice supported me throughout my journey to start my own business. She's kind, patient and genuinely invested in your success. You don't often see that.



because you don't need a team, you just need an Alice


Administrative - Your Virtual Secretary

Social Media Management - Content Creation & Curation

Email Marketing - Newsletters, Sequences & Funnels

Editing & E-Book Formatting - Like a Mini Publishing House

Client & Team Management - OBM Organization

Public Relations - Branding Strategies & Magic Making

...and so much more!

For a complete list of services, references and portfolio work, please email


Retainer rate is based on how many hours a month you need. Please email and let's chat about your needs and how I can help.

Not ready to commit to a monthly retainer? 


I can get a lot done in a little amount of time.

Book a day with me and let's create a strategy for your business, get your automations in order or design social media templates...whatever your need to cross of your to-do list.

I am always open to creating a package that works with you and your budget. I also teach virtual assistant skills to military spouses -- if I am not a good fit for your needs or I am not currently taking on clients, I have an entire community of virtual assistants I can match you with.

Want to make magic and money as a virtual assistant? Step through the looking glass and learn the secrets:


Every adventure requires a first step. Take yours.